Resources for A Level H1/ H2 Physics Syllabus

Singapore-Cambridge A Level H2 Physics Resources

Link to SEAB website: A level H2 Physics syllabus

H2 Physics syllabus for candidates taking in 2016

H2 Physics syllabus for candidates taking in 2017

click here to view the changes to the new H2 physics syllabus!


H2 Physics Summary Cards

Overwhelmed by your school notes? Click here for concise summaries for each of the topics!


A level H2 Physics Resources for specific topics

15. Electromagnetism

16. Electromagnetic Induction



Worked Solutions to Check-Your-Understanding questions in class notes

H2 Physics Syllabus Learners' Lodge Class notes

1 Measurement Answers

2 Kinematics Answers

3 Dynamics Answers

4 Forces Answers

5 Work, Energy, Power Answers

6 Circular Motion Answers

7 Gravitation Answers

8 Oscillations Answers


15 DC Answers

19 Quantum Answers

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