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Raymond Cai

Raymond Cai

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H2 Physics Tuition Review – A level Physics Tutor Testimonials


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Some positive reviews from students after attending our H2 Physics tuition

Cheong Eldrick, NYJC, 2016

Thank you, Mr Cai, for all the engaging H2 physics tuition since J1! Thank you for all the notes and practices as well, delving into them (recently) made revision very effective. Happy Teachers Day !

Kai Yee Tan, SAJC, 2016

Dear Mr Cai Happy Teachers Day! Thank you for putting in the effort to make classes interesting for us and always making ur explanations clear and easy to understand!!! 🙂 Thank you for always staying back to clarify my doubts too! 🙂

Eunice Ong, CJC, 2016

Thank you so much for the help Mr Cai. Your lessons are always enjoyable and full of fun facts! Each lesson is fruitful and full of interesting happenings as you bring physics into life. I’m glad to have cultivated my interest with your lessons and progressed with your concise summary notes. I hope you continue to inspire students who dislike or fear physics to progress or even excel in the subject as it is more than it seems.

Lorraine Tan, ACJC, 2015 (A for Physics)

Mr Cai is very clear in his explanations of Physics concepts during lessons, and his notes are also easy to comprehend and digest. The practice questions he set have various levels, ranging from those that test your basic understanding to those that challenge your thinking, giving students exposure to all sorts of different questions they might come across. If possible, Mr Cai will bring something cool to class in order to prove a Physics concept, and that made the lessons more memorable for me, as I like to see what I learn in motion, how a theory works in real life. Often, Mr Cai will spend extra time after class patiently explaining something I didn’t catch earlier, and even responds to questions via messaging throughout the week, which I am extremely thankful for, as his dedication did not falter nearing the A-level period. It it because of Mr Cai I had a chance of scoring an A for H2 Physics in A-levels. Thank you Mr Cai!!!


teachers day card from hannah cheuk for our H2 Physics tuition

Hannah Cheuk (JJC) A for Physics


Bryan Lim, CJC, 2015, A for Physics

Mr Cai’s lessons are always clear and effective. He always ensures that every single student will understand the topic fully no matter how much time it takes and will always support every student no matter what. He is truly an amazing teacher and I am helpful for all that he has done for me.


Leow Yi En, HCI, 2015, A for Physics

Mr Cai has been a really effective and caring teacher, helping me with my fundamentals quickly despite joining the H2 physics tuition in the second year, pulling my result from a U in J1 and J2 BT2 to A in A levels. Thanks Mr Cai!!!


Kai Ting Ng, NYJC, 2015, A for Physics

Physics has always been one of my weakest subjects in JC. Even though I joined Learners Lodge only at the start of year 2, I managed to get an A for physics in A levels under the guidance of Mr Cai, who was always there to answer my questions. Thank you so much Mr Cai!


Javier Lee, PJC, 2015, A for Physics

Thanks Mr Cai for giving me constant guidance throughout my time in Learners’ Lodge. You never fail to reply my questions and definitely someone I can depend on if I have questions to ask in the night haha. Thanks for believing in me and showing me the skills to do well in physics.


Rachel Law, RVHS, 2015, A for Physics

Thanks Mr Cai for always clarifying our doubts in class and using good analogies for us to memorise equations and key words!

teachers' day card from Zhi ming for our H2 physics tutor

Zhi Ming (ACJC), A for Physics


Yong Zhi Ming (ACJC), 2015, A for Physics

Mr Cai uses innovative ways to help his students better grasp confusing physics concepts. Through visualisation, I understand and remember certain concepts more effectively. As such, I improved from a 0.8 percentile grade at prelims to an A for my H2 physics paper.


Jerol Yeo, AJC, 2015 (A for Physics)

Dear Mr Cai, thanks for incorporating so many different elements into your teaching which makes me grasp the concepts easier. Thank you for being very patient when I have some doubts! You’re a very nice and patient teacher and thanks for everything!


Tai Jin Yao ,ACJC, 2014 (A for Physics)

Before joining Mr Raymond’s physics class, I had little confidence in my physics and had always obtain borderline result. However after joining his class, I managed to improve significantly after seeing the light and I managed to get A for physics in ‘A’ level!


Tay Tze Hee, NYJC, 2014 (A for Physics)

Thank you Mr Cai for your guidance throughout my J2 year. Thanks to your summary cards, concise worksheets and not forgetting the toys/real life applications to physics, learning physics has actually became fun and easy to understand. Once again, thank you very much!


He Chen, HCI, 2014 (A for Physics)

Thank you Mr Cai for making physics understandable and fun for us (esp with ur demonstrations)! You really made physics much more manageable for me. Thank you also for taking time outside class to help us clarify our queries!!


Malcolm Lim, AJC, 2014a level physics tuition teacher day card

Hi Mr Cai! Just want to thank you for being such an awesome Physics tutor. Honestly, I didn’t have much interest in Physics till I attended your lessons. You are able to twist and convert all the impossible concepts into something layman and so simple that even I can understand! 🙂 Your lessons are also funny and engaging as well! All the best for your future endeavours and your family! 🙂 God bless you!

h2 physics tuition card bishanbishan h2 physics tuition photo 3

Han Jin Xiang, ACJC, 2013 (A for Physics)

My physics grade was a U during mid years before I joined Mr. Cai’s H2 physics tuition . My concepts of the topics were so weak and I couldn’t even remember the formulas or how to apply them. In school, the pace was suited for those who have at least a fairly strong understanding of the content.

I would like to thank Mr. Cai for his guidance in helping me catch up with the rest. His cheerful personality and amusing demos in every class never fail to make learning physics more enjoyable. More importantly, his lessons furthered my understanding of each topic through a variety of questions so that I know how each segment of the ‘A’ level H2 physics syllabus can be tested.


Trudy Sih, HCI, 2013 (A for Physics)h2 physics tuition group photo

Dear Mr Raymond Cai, thank you for all the help you have given me throughout my A level journey! Your lessons definitely inculcated a love for physics in me as you never fail to make lessons so interesting. For example, your use of props to explain physics concepts always captures our attentions. Thank you for always explaining the concepts so thoroughly and clearly as well as going through unique questions that really test our understanding. Lastly, thank you for being such a nice and approachable physics tutor, making weekly H2 physics tuition lessons no longer a dreaded thing!




    Ng Tze Shien, NJC, 2012  (A for Physics)teacher's day card from student for h2 physics tutor

Mr Cai is a very approachable and friendly A level physics tutor and I have enjoyed physics tuition under him. He explains concepts clearly, and I understand them much better under his tutelage. He gives us a lot of practice questions and is able to guide us through in the revision of topics. Through additional videos, lessons are more interesting and engaging. For example, when we were learning about gravity, he showed us videos about the universe.



Soh Wei Lin, NJC, 2011  (A for Physics)teacher's day card from student for h2 physics tutor

Mr. Cai is an extremely patient and meticulous Physics tutor, willing to take time to make sure each and every of his student understands the concept he is teaching, and to clear any misunderstanding or misconceptions that his student may possess. Despite the tight time constraint given to him, Mr. Cai would willingly offer time – before and after tuition classes – to help any student who is struggling with the concept at hand; something especially crucial in a subject such as Physics, where being able to understand and therefore apply is the key. Under Mr. Cai’s tutelage, I was able to gradually catch up with the rest of my peers, and even excel in certain topics. After attending merely three lessons with him in JC one, my understanding of Oscillations and Simple Harmonic Motion was strengthened and clarified – allowing me to surpass my peers in the topic.

However, it was with much regret that I dropped my H2 Physics tuition classes with Mr. Cai, but I eventually joined back to his class under another branch, after my results took a turn for the worst. It was my experience – within the earlier three lessons – that encouraged me to return once more to lessons with Mr. Cai. Thankfully, with the revision lessons, twice a week during JC 2, and Mr. Cai’s patient coaching, I was able to grasp concepts which were once far out of reach. The numerous exercises (and worked solutions provided!) aided me greatly in understanding the answering techniques required and allowed me to be exposed to a myriad of theories and techniques used to obtain the answer. These too, were often not taught in college too, as our lecturers and physics tutors often do not have the time to teach such techniques to the cohort.

All the way up to our A Level period, Mr. Cai showed constant support and was a source of motivation (even when our results were not that optimistic). Closer to the A Levels, he offered one-to-one consultations and even attempted to explain any confusion that arose whilst we did the past year papers through online networking sites. I am extremely grateful to have met a physics tutor like Mr. Cai, who gives his utmost best in ensuring that his students ace the examinations, while not giving his students excessive pressure nor stress. There is no doubt that Mr. Cai played an immense role in helping to boost my results from a miserable fail to an impressive distinction– all in half a year’s worth of work. Without him, it would have been close to impossible to have improved to such a great extent; something I hope is a testament to what an amazing teacher he is.

William Arthur Ward once said “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”  Without doubt, Mr. Cai. is the one who inspired me.