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Available classes for A level Physics Tuition

Centre-based classes (H2 physics tuition)

Group H2 physics tuition are held at Learners’ Lodge. Branches are conveniently located around Singapore. Classes are held weekly (with additional revision classes nearer to exams), and the class size is capped at 12. While some centers allow class sizes to balloon up to 30 or 40 students to increase revenue, most of us immediately understand that this cannot result in effective learning outcomes. Our experience shows that 10 to 12 students in a class provide for optimal learning effectiveness as it facilitates livelier discussion and students can benefit from questions raised by their peers.

For 2017, the available classes (*updated as of 20 Jun) taught by Mr Cai at the centres are as follows:

J1 Physics Tuition Classes

Physics Tuition class schedule JC1

J2 Physics Tuition Classes

For maps and more information about the various branches at Learners’ Lodge, visit here.

How are lessons conducted?

Mr Cai’s lessons are paced at a faster level than most schools. This is because in the JCs, physics topics are first taught in large lecture settings. This means that it is difficult for students to clarify any questions they may have, often leaving them even more confused at the end. By going though the materials in class using a workshop style first and allowing students to clarify their doubts, they will be better able to understand the concepts. This boosts the students’ abilities in tackling their schools’ tutorials and assignments.

Before block tests and term examinations, intensive revision classes are held to amply prepare the students. The aim is to increase the students’ confidence in tackling their school tests by showing them how the concepts can be tested. Besides exams tips and strategies, the tutor will also focus on important answering techniques especially on data analysis and qualitative skills.


1-to-1 H1/H2 Physics Home tuition / Small Group Classes (not available)

If you have been referred here by ex-students or parents of ex-students, we regret to inform that Mr Cai no longer provides 1-to-1 JC physics home tuition or small group H2 physics tuition in order to benefit more students with his tried and tested pedagogies.


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