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Academic Background in Physics

researcher prize received by a level h2 physics tutor

Outstanding researcher prize received from President S.R. Nathan

Mr Raymond Cai, graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor of Science (Physics) with Second Class Honours (Upper Division). During his study, he was under the NUS Undergraduate Scholarship, awarded to students with high academic excellence and leadership potential. At the same time, he was also in the prestigious University Scholars Programme (USP) and in his final year, he was awarded the Outstanding Researcher Prize for his Honours thesis on Quantum Physics, now published in a reputable scientific journal – The New Journal of Physics.

Professional background as a H2 physics tutor

A level guidebook written by H2 physics tutor

Since 2003, Mr Cai has helped numerous batches of grateful JC physics students improve their H2 physics grades within a short time, while gaining an in-depth understanding of the A level physics syllabus as well as recognition of the common misconceptions and difficulties that students face in the examinations. His passion for teaching has led him to since complete a Masters of Education degree with the National Institute of Education (NIE), specialising in Curriculum and Teaching in order to augment his teaching and pedagogy as an A level H2 Physics tutor. Due to his subject mastery and ability to communicate physics effectively, Mr Cai has been approached by and has co-authored a number of guidebooks and assessment books with MarketAsia, Yellow Reef and Fairfield Book Publishers, and was also the consultant for Ten Year Series (Physics), in collaboration with the latter publisher.


 Personal Teaching Beliefs | A level Physics Tutor

Physics TYS written by H2 Physics tutor

A Level ten-year-series

In his teaching, Mr Cai strongly believes that A Level Physics cannot be learned simply through the rote memorisation of formulas, but that students need to see the concepts in real “action” and day to day examples in order to gain a deeper and more meaningful understanding. Drawing from his own experiences and knowledge of students’ different learning styles, he incorporates various features of the University Scholars Programme and Gifted Education Programme in his tuition classes to help his students understand Physics through a rigorous multi-modal programme that is at the same time enjoyable and horizon-expanding. He also imparts to his students mnemonic techniques and question tackling skills that have helped many of his past students to achieve excellent grades and tremendous improvements, a testament to his value-add as an A level H2 physics tutor.