In the past, we’ve had students who were still dissatisfied with their physics grades joined us around this period. For some, it could be due to CCAs and other commitments, for others, it could be due to having to constantly new concepts before having reinforced older ones. It doesn’t help that in schools, lectures and tutorials are often not in sync so students are unable to clarify their doubts quickly.

However, now that most CCAs have stepped down and schools have more or less finished teaching the syllabus, students are able to concentrate on preparing thoroughly for their upcoming papers. Working hand in hand, we are delighted to have helped numerous students improve by leaps and bounds, many from Us before joining us to As in their final exams.

Through the coming months of physics revision, we will go through the most important concepts in each topics and ensure that students have a crystal clear understanding of how these can be applied. From experience, we will also clarify the common misconceptions students have and highlight the common pitfalls to look out for.

J2 Physics revision classes have started at Learners’ Lodge!.

In the intensive 8-lessons revision in June, we will go through the foundational topics of

  1. Kinematics,
  2. Dynamics, and
  3. Forces.

In addition, we will also cover the critical J1 topics of which often come out for structured questions:

  1. Gravitation,
  2. Thermal and
  3. Oscillations


For the J1 June revision classes, we will be covering the following foundational topics:

  1. Measurement
  2. Kinematics
  3. Dynamics
  4. Forces
  5. Work, Energy and Power.

Besides preparing students who have their mid-year exams in early July, these lessons also seek to ensure that students have a solid foundation before going on to the more difficult topics in semester 2.

Be prepared to be worked hard! After all, it is only after we have truly toiled will we savour the fruits of our labour. For more information about our intensive physics revision programme, feel free to contact us!

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