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Raymond Cai

Newly minted father, interests in sports, gadgets, movies, and science. Passionate about nurturing young minds and encouraging them to pursue excellence!

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Mr Raymond Cai provides A Level physics tuition in group setting as well as 1-to-1 private coaching.

**latest update**

  • slots for JC2 and JC1 H2 Physics Group Classes at Learners’ Lodge still available!
  • 1-1 private slots (full)

About Mr Cai

  • Masters of Education (NIE) specializing in Curriculum and Teaching.
  • More than 5 years of experience in giving A level physics tuition.
  • NUS Bachelor of Science, Honours (Physics).
  • NUS Undergraduate Scholarship.
  • NUS University Scholars Programme.
  • NUS Outstanding Researcher Prize for published paper on Quantum Physics.
  • Author of A Level Physics Extreme Drill Questions (Selected chapters) published by Yellow Reef.
  • Author of A Level Physics Key Revision Notes and Answering Techniques by MarketAsia.
  • Co-author for A Level Physics Questions and Answers published by Fairfield Book Publisher.
  • Consultant for A Level Physics Ten Year Series (2015) published by Fairfield Book Publisher.

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 Features of our A Level Physics tuition (H1/H2 Physics)

In order to excel in A Level Physics, students have to recall and apply concepts in higher order thinking questions. Often, this also involves novel situations. As such, it is our tutor’s belief that physics cannot be learned through the rote memorizing of formula and drilling “ten-year-series” questions. Instead, physics must be “felt” and experienced in real action and day to day examples. Thus, lessons aim to help students see beyond the formula and truly understand the concepts. Some features of our physics tuition include:

  • Engaging and multimodal lessons to cater to different learning styles.H2 A level Physics Tuition Cliff Notes
  • Concise cliff notes that summarizes the key concepts required and commonly tested for each topic.
  • Carefully prepared questions and answers that deliver mastery of the concepts in the shortest time.
  • Emphasis on question answering techniques, especially for open-ended questions, based on Cambridge examiners’ requirements.
  • Regular assessments and feedback to ensure retention of understanding and peak performance.

Whether it is to get the extra boost before the exams or intensive repair work, feel free to contact us to discuss your needs!


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